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10 Things I’ll Actually Do This Year

January 9, 2010

Lilly is very overwhelmed, because she has to do so many college applications. Boo hoo!

  1. Edit my manuscript (ha! Evil Lilly says, you will do no such thing! You are pathetic and wimpy and HAHAHAHAHA I laugh at your pathetic efforts.)
  2. Write on this blog at least once a week, preferably 3 times a week, even despite the fact that every single blog I’ve started in the past 2 years has failed miserably/I lost interest in it. Times are a changing, my friends, times are a changing….
  3. WRITE!–and no, writing on the wonderful blog does not count.
  4. Enter a few book reading challenges and WIN.
  5. Read lots and lots of books that aren’t just assigned by school.
  6. Try to get into college, get good grades, be a nice person, do all the things on this list, and still manage to clock 8 hours of sleep a night (like that’s happening).
  7. WRITE! Oh, did I say that already? Hmmmm, seems like I’ve already forgotten….
  8. Did I mention that I have an 80,000 word manuscript just whining on my desktop like a poor little lost puppy? Evil Lilly thinks lost, whining puppies are funny.
  10. Be inspired. Maybe this seems passive to you, but getting inspired involves a lot of living and a lot less of sitting on the couch and munching on yummy Bear Naked granola.
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