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Word of Wisdom: stop wasting time on the internet!

February 27, 2010

The Guardian released a great article on writing advice from some famous authors (think Neil Gaiman or Philip Pullman). The best one by far was Zadie Smith’s:

“Work on a computer that is disconnected from the ­internet.”

You could make a joke that RIGHT NOW I’m defying that advice by writing this post, and that you’re defying that advice by reading it. But seriously, I manage to be on the internet all the time and still hardly manage to blog, much less get down and dirty with a certain WIP of mine (work in progress).

Basically, turn off your browser. Get your butt into the seat. Don’t get distracted, unless it’s by your delicious cup of joe. And if you’re a writer, then write. If not, you should still say sayonara to the interweb–it might be helping us read and write more than ever, but it’s probably preventing you from doing something more important, like your job.

Also, “never open a book with the weather.” Just don’t do it. You hate it, I hate it, we’re all so apathetic on the subject that we sometimes don’t even bother to hate it and instead we slam that fool book on its nose. And don’t use some pathetic excuse that so-and-so did it in their classic prize-winning novel. You are not famous. You are not special.

That is all.

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  1. March 1, 2010 7:28 pm

    I REALLY need to stop writing on a computer with internet access. I sit down to write and the next thing I know I am down some rabbit hole shopping for shoes, or researching patio table covers. As if these things are more important than my writing. What I should do is go somewhere where there IS no access, to avoid the temptation!

    • March 1, 2010 9:21 pm

      Exactly! The worst is when I spend all my time reading about writing, instead of actually writing. Book blogs, publishing blogs, twitter, fiction on random websites….they take up all my time, yikes!


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