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You Should Read: Friend Highball At Bastion Square by Tricia Louvar

March 3, 2010

Tricia Louvar

Every once in a while Word Riot, an online magazine and press, publishes something really good. This story, which has been haunting me since last summer, is about a woman’s desire for a waitress and the letter she writes to her as she sits in the restaurant, observing the young woman. The plot is simple, but the letter, written in a unique voice, made me identify with a woman who is bitter, witty, and drop dead erotic. The author, Tricia Louvar, has written a few other stories here and there, but this is by far my favorite.

Favorite Line(s):

“When I am with a man, I want to be the woman (smaller and softer). When I am with a woman, I want to be the man (taller and harder). Artists live in duality; we know both sides. We’re like a two-for-one special.”

“I should also tell you at this point that I have been pregnant three times but birthed just two, which has led me to the conclusion that I can mother the living and the dead, and I do not exclude myself from either category.”

Reading Time: 2-3min

Level of Enjoyment: Chilling and lovely–a thrilling combination.

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