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You Should Read: Noah Cicero’s Love Letter

April 14, 2010

You Should Read is a weekly Wednesday short where I suggest short stories and poems on the web to bide a little time on this dreadful–when will Friday come?–24hrs in the middle of the week.

I follow Noah Cicero on his blog, where he muses about writing (he’s written a bajillion books, ebooks, poems, etc), art, and his life. Now mostly I don’t like reading about people’s lives–let’s face it, the average day isn’t exactly littered with excitement–but Cicero’s blog read like pages from a novel; they’re short, inciteful, and really make my day. I remember reading a post of his on Valentine’s Day, where he crafted love letters for his readers to use for their loved ones, and I remember wanting to give the letter to my loved one, though I was too proud and too arrogant because heck, I’m a writer, so shouldn’t I be writing my own goddamn love letters? This letter spoke to me because it was frank and raw and simple. It was also very ‘Brooklyn’ and very ‘hipster’ (though Cicero lives in Ohio, so go figure) but I liked that it felt genuine to me, that the things he mentioned were the little things that signified you loved a person.

So anyhow, now it’s yours to read. I figure we all need a little love and good writing, even when it’s April and not so cold. Here’s the original link, but for your convenience just read below:

Dear Lover,

There are a lot of butterflies on the planet. But none in the winter. You are my winter butterfly.

I want to lick the inside of your belly button. I want to lick the lint out of it and then kiss you. Then you have the lint in your mouth. We are naked and you laugh.

(If you are a straight man or lesbian) I want to grab your pussy. I want to cup your naked pussy in my hand. Your pussy is like a leaf with dew on it on a July Morning. That means I like when your pussy is wet. I like your pussy more when it is wet than when it is dry.

(If you a woman or a gay man) I want to hold your soft penis in my hand. Then I want to caress it until it becomes hard and then I’ll call it a cock. I want you to do things with your cock that will make me moan and make strange sounds.

I want to eat candy with you and check our facebooks sitting close.

We need each other like poor people need food and politicians need votes.

We need each other like cell phones need signals and books need readers.

Right now I’m yearning for your genitals to be near by, for your laugh, for your arms, and your legs to wrap around me and pull me deeper.

I can never get deep enough into you.

I want you have my babies. I want our babies to look like us.

We will raise our children to be nervous and strange and to love music like we do.

I keep seeing your belly in my mind, your belly flat, I rest my head on your belly, your belly is soft and we watch a movie. A movie staring Will Ferrell. Everything is right with the world. We have good credit and our grades are good.

I want to fuck until both of our genitals are chafed and sore.

There are a lot of butterflies on the planet. But none in the winter. You are my winter butterfly.

Your Lover

Happy not Valentine’s Day!

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