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Life Without Computers

May 7, 2010

My computer crashed today. So I’m using someone else’s computer, and this stone-aged PC is my only source of world wide web wonders. I don’t have any of my bookmarks, my tabs,  not my lovely WIP (though no worries that’s backed up, but I don’t gots no computer to revive it with) and I feel purposeless. This computer pauses between words if I type too fast and it takes ten long Mississippi seconds to load a page.

I shouldn’t feel so powerless without my computer, but I do.

Okay, okay, so I’m basking in my own melodrama, but I think it says something that I’ve been sitting still for the past thirty minutes wondering what to do. And sure, there are books/magazines to be read, TV to be watched, but I’m not used to doing those things without having my laptop friend sitting next to me, readily available for sporadic google searching or facebook commenting.

I can’t sit down anymore and have everything not come blink-blink-blink in front of me.

In middle school I used to go to Barnes and Nobles after class and illicitly read, I used to grab a book for a span longer than a subway ride home, but I think that as my school world began to focus more heavily on typing essays, researching projects, looking up assignments and checking email, things directly linked to la computadora…that school world starts to seep into the personal world, the all-about-me world, and now that me is attached to a really expensive piece of fizzling metal. Le sigh.

I will prepare myself for a journey back into the quiet, back into the reading past my bedtime, back into the single-tasking…..

But first I need to write a new post for my blog.

Do you feel overly attached to technology? How do you reclaim the ‘quiet,’ the ‘single-tasking’?


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