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PICTURES! with Edward Albee

May 13, 2010

The much awaited pictures from the discussion with playwright Edward Albee are here! How exciting! I am the slightly ecstatic, slightly deranged looking girl in a brown jacket and black typewriter t-shirt (rowr! I had to show off a little, didn’t I? Make sure the man knew that it was a WRITER he was dealing with…)

My class: asking questions and listening as Albee hands out his pearls of wisdom

Staring abashedly at the greatness that is Albee (pronounced (Ahl-bee)

Getting his autograph!!!

So maybe most girls are screaming from the stands for their favorite, bare-chested rock star, but me? I’m blushing like a guilty little kid for some awesome, old, playwright guy. Guess that makes me a bona-fide nerd 🙂

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