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You Should Read: If You Read This Book The World Will End by The Hypothetical Library&Neil Gaiman

May 26, 2010

You Should Read is a weekly Wednesday short where I suggest short stories and poems on the web to bide a little time on this dreadful–when will Friday come?–24hrs in the middle of the week.

It’s the best thing I’ve seen in a while and it’s from something called The Hypothetical Library where, to lightly paraphrase, imaginary book covers are designed for real authors. What does that mean, you ask? The Hypothetical Library is a place where authors can dream up a book they would never write, and then the HL team in turn dreams up a book cover to match the theoretical story.  But when the HP team got their hands on Neil Gaiman, things really heated up: Gaiman couldn’t possibly think of a book he would never write, an idea he would never want to expand on, and so he proposed that the only book that he could never write would be one too terrible to ever be read. And so, If You Read This Book The World Will End was born.

With such an intriguing title on their hands, The Hypothetical Library did a lot more than just create a book cover. They created a 3-D prototype, befit with a hefty padlock, an audio book, which begins to crackle and sputter and suggest doom about 1min in, and, finally, an e-book cover that, with its moving images and interactive features, was truly as innovative as I hope e-books will come to be. I’m hooked on The Hypothetical Library for sure, and does it make me a bad person to say that I really want to finish reading the one book that should never be read?

First  Line: “I awoke fitfully in a bed not my own, in a place unfamiliar.”

Reading Time: eternity. because one page in, you’ve just caused the apocalypse.

Level of Enjoyment: Doesn’t get better than this because (static) and you know things get crazy when (sputter) and I thought I was going to–NOOOOOOOO!  (something menacing approaching) AHHHHHH!  (The sound of limbs torn asunder. Silence.)

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  1. June 3, 2010 4:34 pm

    LOL Thanks! That’s great. ;D I’ll have to look it up and check out the end of the world.

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