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Not Every Story Written By A Woman Is About Marriage, Fool

June 18, 2010

About a week ago I had two really interesting AIM conversations. In the first, a friend described his experience in a creative writing classes where his female peers seemed to concentrate solely on a handful of topics (marriage, babies, getting the guy). In the second, a different friend and I discussed our hatred of certain female classics, and I came to terms with the fact that although I love reading, and I love the idea of female writers, my favorite books aren’t written by them.

Below is the conversation (click for a bigger look). Note that in the background I’ve artfully and unintentionally placed the NY Times article on The New Yorker’s Top 20 Under Forty (which I’ve already written a post about, by the way) and that, towards the left, there is a smidgen of my current WIP. I guess that night was a particularly fiction-filled one?

Do you think most women write about certain topics? Do men write about certain topics? What female writers do you enjoy, and why are the only ones I can list Toni Morrison and Clarice Lispector (plus Marisha Pessl, maybe, or Suzanne Collins)? Not to mention, why is Austen so loved or reviled?

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