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Current Project: String Theory

  • Here’s a description of the novel I’m working on, STRING THEORY:

Ever since her father’s death when she was 17, thirty-five year old Rose Darling has suffered in a state of perpetual immaturity. Dependent on her rich, overbearing mother for money, Rose decides that writing a book is the only way to separate herself from the family she blames for her troubles. But writing a book reveals more about herself than she ever wanted and, as her characters’ lives are flung into chaos, Rose must battle her delusions.

Enter Nat, Mr. Best-Cousin-In-The-World, who is immediately a science geek, big brother figure, and potential love of her life. Dependent on him for guidance (though she’d never admit it), Rose consults Nat when she finds her story book world is falling apart. But can he help her, or is he only another barrier to figuring out what the hell she should do?

STRING THEORY is an exciting, quirky, 80,000-word piece of literary fiction that explores what happens when our disillusions prevent us from growing up, and how the only way we can move forward sometimes is to forget about logic and mathematical theories in order to embrace the real, raw, irrational emotions we’ve been masking all along.

Progress: 3rd Draft, massive editing ensues. My hope? That I’m ready to query by summer. Ha ha! Feel free to mock me on that doubtful aspiration.

Published Works:

Hoyt-Schermerhorn (Wordriot)

Machine God (Robot Melon)

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